About Us

Most people do not have time to relax or take care of their mental health. Engagements are tight, and schedules are busy. We need a way out to unwind and clear our minds from all the stress of the day.

Moana Spas’ products are built on a compact design that doesn’t require draining out or refilling again and again. A simple corded switch puts you in control of an invigorating hydro-massage that relieves your tense body. There’s no expensive installation cost or digging of trenches — just seamless delivery of hot water directly into your tub.


Moana Spas is a family-owned and operated business that specialises in affordable outdoor spa pools. Moana spas was established in 2014 in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. All of the products are designed in New Zealand. The entire electrical system is based on a well-known American brand called Balba. It is our ultimate goal to provide high-quality spa pools at an affordable price, and we’re committed to providing the best possible customer experience.

With under a decade of existence, we are proud to say that Moana Spas has been one of the fastest-growing spa pool suppliers and distributors in New Zealand. We have also gained a reputation not only because of the quality and innovation of our products but also because of how we treat our clients. So, with our affable customer service team and product warranty, your spa pool will be worry-free.

What Our Products Offer

Our pools are made and designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. If you are planning on putting your spa pool out in the sun or in the snow. Each pool features a great massage experience, you get the freedom to control the jets’ power and direction with the press of a button, which means you can adjust the intensity and focus of the massage to your liking.

You may pick any of the five-coloured LED lights to amplify your romantic mood. Also, the ozone generation system helps to clean the water by circulating every hour. So, you’ll definitely have a spa pool experience like never before. As an additional perk, you can even connect the mobile phones to the Media player via Bluetooth and enjoy the firm music with a glass of New Zealand red wine. No doubt! Such an excellent hot bathtub spa experience will surely make your soul happy!

The Best Rates

Because we are a direct-from-the-manufacturer business, we are able to offer the best rates on shipping and handling. Unlike purchasing from a big box store, you will not be paying for multiple middlemen or retailers.

Low Maintenance

When you’re not using your SPA pool,  it doesn’t have to be complex and complicated to maintain. All you need is to set the temperature  and water cycle to the lowest and cover it to keep the water clean and fresh at all times

Leading Distributor of New Zealand Spa Pools

Want to see our pools in person? No problem! You can visit our Tauranga showroom in Owens Place near Bay Fair. With a convenient location for everyone, you will not have a problem looking for parking.

For those who currently reside in Auckland, you are welcome to visit our Moana Spa Auckland showroom. Regardless of which location you choose, you will be warmly welcomed by our professional and friendly staff.

Feel free to ask anything from them, and they will gladly answer any questions you may have! From the best-selling spa pools to tips on how to take care of your pool, our team has got you covered.


Our Special Features: Prioritising Customer Satisfaction With Quality Pools and Service

  • Made in New Zealand: All of the hot tubs we sell are designed in New Zealand. Buying from us means that your spa can withstand the various weather conditions we have on the island.
  • We believe in quality as a standard: Both our team and our partners believe that providing customers with high-quality spa products should be a standard — not a luxury. Each hot tub we sell has been tested rigorously — with a keen attention to detail — to meet international standards.
  • Our customers deserve the best: Innovation is part of our culture, and that’s why our spas come with the latest advancements in hot tub technology. We are proud of our 100% customer satisfaction rate since our inception in 2014.
  • You’ll get the most of your money: We value your hard-earned money, which is why our offerings are priced affordably while packing more features than your regular hot tubs. Moana Spas is committed to providing value to all of our customers through our range of spa products.
  • We provide matching designs that stand out: Whether you plan to make a specific addition to your outdoor area or do a full makeover, our products will match your existing design to maximise appeal. You can choose from a wide array of spa pools that fulfils your style requirements and preferences.
  • A leading spa distributor in NZ: Despite our young age, we have become a leading spa pool distributor in New Zealand. People from all over have visited our branches in Tauranga and Auckland to view and purchase the hot tubs we offer.


What our client says about us

It’s a privilege for me to thank Matt for the excellent service we received when purchasing our new spa pool recently.
Matt’s knowledge on his products really stuck out.
We brought an incredible luxury spa at Moana Spas and vale for money.
Best wishes for your continued success

Tristan Rua

Great spa with amazing features and value for money. Excellent after sales service, highly recommended.

Joanne Rea

Honestly seriously the best service ever seriously…. So happy and stoked with service from purchase to the delivery which was so quick….. and the 2 sweetest people that delivered where top notch the most sweetest cutest humans ever… what a pleasure we will be highly recommending your company to everyone.

Do lovely to receive so amazing service you have no idea.


Have a lovely year… may beautiful things happen for you guys this year….


Kind regards

Kylie Trybula