Frequently asked questions

Yes, most of our Spa models can be viewed in our showroom located in  Tauranga and Auckland. You can find the address as well as the opening hours on the contact page of the website.

We provide you with a comprehensive warranty for the whole of New Zealand. That include 5 years on acrylic shell, 2 years on plumbing and jets & 2 years on the Balboa control system.

A smooth, flat, structurally sound, level, even surface that is capable of uniformly supporting the entire filled weight of your new hot tub plus the weight of the users. A filled spa can weigh a great deal. Make certain that the location you choose can support the weight of your filled spa.

You need to consider having a power supply that is close enough, but also far enough away so that water cannot splash into the socket. Allowing water into the equipment compartment can damage the electronics, or may result in tripping your house’s circuit breaker or RCD.

Also, consider your surroundings: placing your spa near a windbreak such as a fence will help to reduce wind exposure, helping it to retain more heat and in turn help to reduce your running costs. You should also consider where you will drain the water when required.

SPA power consumption depend on many factors such as the usage, filter times, spa position and time of year.

Your hot tub water needs to be treated with certain chemicals to maintain its cleanliness and needs to regularly clean the cover and filter. Regardless of how often or long you plan to use your spa, it is essential to treat the water in your Moana Spa regularly.

Chemicals are a highly effective way to treat your hot tub, as they eliminate any harmful bacteria that can grow in warm water.

However, if you prefer a non-toxic option then maybe simplesilver might be suitable to you. The key ingredient is silver oxide used in water purification application around the world. And best of all, it last for 12 months and both odourless and tasteless as well.

In order to ensure the safety of yourself and your family, we require a qualified electrician to install the correct type of cabling and fuse required for your Moana Spa according to their power rating.

All the technical specifications of your spa should be sent to you before you get the delivery of the pool. Do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further clarification.

The drain is in the corner of the spa pool, so you can easily unscrew it to drain the water, or connect a hose to drain to where you want.

Friendly reminder, when you clean the spa pool, when injecting, fresh water needs to enter from the hole of the filter element, so that the air in the water pipe can be drained, otherwise the water pump will not work due to the air entering the water pump.

Control panel manuals


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Video manuals

Balboa TP600 control panel 01

Balboa TP600 control panel 02

Balboa GS100

Balboa BP6013 G

TP500 Control Panel

Cover Lifter

Cover Lifter M

Spa Touch 2

Open & Close the Side Board

Moana spas summer tips

With the weather temperatures rising we tend to look for ways to cool ourselves down. If you own a Moana Spa Pool we have good news for you! Here is the list of ideas that will help make the most of your spa pool this summer.

Cover your spa pool

Make sure your spa pool is covered when not in use during hot summer days. The spa pool cover will prevent water from absorbing the heat from the sun and surroundings like hot concrete pavings and walls.

Set right temprature

Normal human body temperature is 37°C. Any water temperature below this level will feel cool to the touch. Set your spa pool temperature to 27.5-29.5°C and let the water cool down.

To speed up the water cooling process, turn your air jets on.

Be cautions

Be careful when entering and exiting the pool. Sudden temperature change can lead to lightheadedness so take it easy!

Do not forget about the water quality

Keep maintaining your water quality as per usual.

Don’t forget to enjoy!